Iktsuarpok: The feeling of anticipation that leads you to keep looking outside to see if anyone is coming.


To be able to complete the work we are in need of supporting partners, commission partners and rehearsal space

A trampoline, a structure made of bamboo, a freezer…

represent a place in nowhere land, a sparse place, a window into the artist mind. Driftwood and objects found on the riverbanks and shores are used to create masks, modes of transportation, costumes, sounds and ever-changing landscapes.

The show is inspired by the lives of the traditional Inuit: social, medical, political and religious. A prism through which Max tries to gives a more honest account of our own experiences. ‘Nalukatak’ examines a narrative of emotional journeys, different facets within oneself and the impact we have on the environment. Creating a poetical landscape where physical language, circus, humor, absurdity, trampoline and masks merge in a storytelling of universal resonance.

Type: Circus, physical theatre
Number of per formers: 1
Duration: 1-hour approx.
Language: non-verbal
Audience : 8+


Idea and interpretation: Max Calaf
Sound: Brian Duffy
Costume/ set: Jonathan van Beek,/Benet Jofre
Dramaturgy: Mark Storor
Movement: Tim Casson
Lighting: tbc

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