Comic, absurd and surreal, Anyday is the charming tale of Max and the world he shares with his bird on a trampoline.


It is a tender, heart breaking world. A world filled with darkness, foreboding shadows, strange sounds, echoes of the past; a presentiment of the future? Comic, absurd, surreal, Anyday excavates deep reefs of emotion. Yet the archeology of loneliness is shot through with light and ultimately joy.


__Work in progress__
A trampoline, a structure made of bamboo, a freezer… represent a place in nowhere land, a sparse place, a window into the mind.


The (dis) assembly, the materials under construction, the discards, the doubts behind the scenes…are the protagonists

Tour Dates

6th July Rec.On(struction) @ Parc Urbain ERAGNY SUR OISE, Éragny, FR
5th July Rec.On(struction) @ Marcouville, Pontoise, FR
16th June Rec.On(struction) @ VII Contorsions, Festival Internacional de Circ de València, Spain
27th April Rec.On(struction) @ II Festival de Circ TROBA-CIRC - Ibiza, Spain
1st April - Anyday Outdoors @ Grove Park, Weston-Super-Mare, UK
31st March - Anyday Indoors @ Powderham Castle, Exeter, UK
28th March - Anyday Indoors @ St Martins 3in1, Stroud, UK
26th March - Anyday Indoors @ Holyrood Academy, Chard, UK
23rd Marc - Anyday Indoors @ Redruth Wesley Chapel,UK
22nd March - Anyday Indoors @ North Curry Church, Taunton, UK
21st March - Anyday Indoors @ Gillingham School, UK
20th March - Anyday Indoors @ Wesley Hall, Cinderford, UK
19th March - Anyday Indoors @ Gloucester Academy, Gloucester, UK
7th March - Anyday Indoors @ SHAM Spectacles, Le Bourget, France
3rd June - Anyday Outdoors @ Bell Square, London UK
10th June - REC.ON(STRUCTION) - Festival MOBA,Monzón, ES
24-25 June - REC.ON(STRUCTION) - Circada, Seville, ES
08 July - REC.ON(STRUCTION) - Alcoi, ES
03rd Septembre - REC.ON(STRUCTION) - Terrassa, ES
20th August - Anyday Outdoors @ Bradford Festival, UK
25th February 2021 - REC.ON[STRUCIÓN]

La Central del Circ – Barcelona – Catalonia

23th January 2021 - REC.ON[STRUCIÓN]

CRONOPIS espai de circ – Mataró – Catalonia

8th April 2021 - REC.ON[STRUCIÓN]

CREAT – Valencia – Comunidad Valenciana

9th April 2021 - REC.ON[STRUCIÓN]

Mira Fira d’Arts de carrer – Gandia – Comunidad Valenciana

27th June 2021 - REC.ON[STRUCIÓN]

Fiesta mayor de 

1St August 2021 - REC.ON[STRUCIÓN]

Rodafam Art – Bellreguard – Comuinidad Valenciana



16th October 2021 - REC.ON[STRUCIÓN]


21 October 2021- REC.ON[STRUCIÓN]

CIRCARTE – Alicante


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